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The Space that Brings
Us Together

Work courtyard
The first courtyard seen from Lützowstrasse. Here you will find entrances to the attractive office units of the 3 Höfe ensemble.
Work-Life courtyard
In the central courtyard of the building, office worlds meet the relaxed living atmosphere of the 3 courtyards. Room for exchange and retreat.
life courtyard
The most private of the 3 courtyards is about living in the neighbourhood. The passage to Flottwellstraße promotes urban integration.

The Space that Brings
Us Together

Working and living, connection and communication, community and privacy, a dynamic lifestyle and slow living – 3 Höfe is a place that elegantly brings these different values into harmony. Three generous courtyards connect the buildings and create an inspiring space infused with the lively spirit of the capital city. Arranged around the first courtyard, modern office environments equipped with premium features stand for a way of working in the heart of Berlin that is new and exciting, smart, creative and innovative.

Stylish in
two ways

Stylish in
two ways

The prelude to the 3 Höfe world, the lively office courtyard features quiet green spaces with an urban flair. Two prominent entrances and distinguished lobbies make an excellent first impression and are the access points to 3 Höfe’s modern office spaces. The fine-tuned orchestration of atmosphere, architecture and design facilitates the emergence of a unique, holistic experience of space.

one courtyard –
Two uses

one courtyard –
Two uses

In the second courtyard of the 3 Höfe ensemble, office and residential use are cleverly combined. While one half of the courtyard is reserved for the offices, residential use begins opposite. Here, where the two uses mix, exchange and communication take place.

The joy of work

Questions about
the project?



Who is LBBW Immobilien Development GmbH?

LBBW Immobilien Development is an experienced developer of residential and commercial real estate active throughout Germany. Our well-known residential projects include, for example, the Urban Green in Heidelberg, the Rebstockhöfe in Frankfurt, and the Friends in Munich.

What is LBBW developing at Lützowstrasse 107? What does LBBW want to achieve with your project?

With the project in Lützowstrasse, we are developing condominiums and modern office space with a shared underground car park as well as commercial space in Berlin. In this way, we are turning a former commercial hall into a lively building that fits perfectly into the surrounding area with residential buildings, cafés and small shops.

Who designs the façade for the project?

Under the leadership of the renowned architect Sergej Tchoban, we will construct an urban quarter for living and working that blends into the neighbourhood through its structural, functional and architectural design.

How high should the buildings be?

The building has 7 full storeys and is oriented towards the surrounding buildings.

What kind of apartments are you building in Lützowstraße?

In Lützowstraße we are building 223 condominiums with living spaces between approx. 27 m² and 140 m².

How many parking spaces are there in the building?

The 3 Höfe building ensemble includes an underground car park with space for 115 cars.

Which tenants will move into the office building?

Our plans provide for a flexible room layout. This is attractive for large and small companies. Marketing is about to start, so the tenants have not yet been determined.

I would like to rent an office. Who can I contact?

Your contact person is BNP Parisbas Real Estate GmbH, 
Kranzler Eck Berlin / Kurfürstendamm 22, 10719 Berlin.
Here you will find your contact person for office rentals.

I would like to buy an apartment in the Lützowstraße. Who can I contact?

Your contact is Grossmann & Berger GmbH, Potsdamer Platz 9, 10117 Berlin. If you leave us your contact details, our sales department will be happy to contact you.


What construction work is due in the coming weeks?

The excavation pit will be completed by 09/2019. We will then start with the shell construction, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2020.

I am a resident or trader: Do I have to expect restrictions due to the construction site?

As with any construction site, there will be increased exposure to noise, dust or site traffic during the construction period. Of course, we try to limit these restrictions through intelligent construction planning and noise protection measures. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the construction site, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How long will the overall construction work take and when will the project be completed?

The project is expected to be completed in 2021.

At what times will work be carried out on the construction site?

The work will take place on all working days (Monday to Saturday) in compliance with the State Immission Control Act from 06.00 to 22.00 hours.

Is the construction site protected against unauthorised access?

The construction site is enclosed by a construction fence. This prevents residents, children or unauthorised persons from entering the construction site.

Are the sidewalks along the construction site still accessible?

Unfortunately, we are not yet able to make a statement on this. At the moment the coordination of the construction site logistics with the authorities is taking place.